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I am a young energetic 70 year old man raised in a farm in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. I was a shy kid and grew up in an atmosphere where kids were to be seen unless asked to be heard. Growing up was a challenge due to a severe stuttering speech impediment I had from the age of 5 but I was a different type of kid, who chose to work on improving myself. I always strived to rise above my challenges and never gave up.

I was employed with a major corporation for 35 years and struggled to become a supervisor. I have been self-employed since 2005 which helped me work on improving myself. I always tried different things in order to be accepted because, I knew I had the intelligence and skills to be much more than I was. I started to surround myself with mentors and coaches willing to share and guide me. I failed at many things in life, but NEVER gave up.

Since 2002 I have experienced many positive change of events. I am about to enter a new phase in my life and now I am able to share and help others with their challenges in life. I am thankful and grateful and feel truly blessed to have had mentors and coaches in my life.

From From Stutter to Public Speaker, Toast Master to Podcaster, I will be pleased to share my story of life’s journey. Speech is a gift I will not waste; let me share this gift with you and your group.


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